Ship for South East Asia Youth Program (SSEAYP)

The Ship for South East Asia Youth Program is a youth exchange program that was pioneered by the ASEAN countries and Japan in 1974. As the number of members in ASEAN grew, in 1997 all members in ASEAN have been finally participating in this program. This program is handled by the participating countries with Japan as the main sponsor.

In Indonesia, this program is conducted under the Ministry of Youth and Sport. Generally, this program’s main purpose is to strengthen the network and mutual understanding in culture among countries in South East Asia and Japan. In addition, SSEAYP itself is based on the intention to motivate the youth in improving international cooperation through implementation of different activities during the program.

Pic by Hanzi SPY08, Edited by Puji IPY08


From the bird’s eye view, the activities during the program are divided into two main categories: On board activities (when the ship sails), and Country Program (when the ship is berthing).

The on board activities consist of:

  • Discussion: Participants are divided into discussion group based on different themes. The participants are expected to enhance their knowledge by exchanging information among different countries and situation.
  • Solidarity Group Activities: Aside from being grouped based on the country of origin, the participants are also grouped along with other participants from different countries. In Solidarity Group (SG), they will interact and get involved in many self initiated activities during the program. These activities are expected tobenefit in stronger mutual understanding.
sgSG Activities

  • Club Activities: Representatives from each country are provided an opportunity to share their cultural knowledge by teaching and demonstrating to participants from other countries. The presentation in this activity is expected to give an actual exposition about culture in order to reveal the true fact.
  • Cultural Performance and Exhibition: The cultural performance on board the ship is displayed in a large hall that is specifically designed for a stage performance. This activity is often considered as the most favorite activity by the participants, hence very attractive. Many participants have only performed in this scale once in their life, but it doesn’t mean they will perform poorly. Hard training and exercise will be received by the participants so that they will be able to deliver their best in front of other countries during the program.

exhibitionExhibition at National Youth Centre Tokyo

The country program consists of:

  1. Courtesy Call: An official visit to the governmental institution.
  2. Institutional Visit: A visit to an institution whose theme supports the general theme carried by the program.
  3. Interaction with the Local Youth.
  4. Homestay