Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP)

Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program is an exchange program operated under the agreement between Indonesia and Australia government since 1981. Its purpose is to offer opportunities to the youth from both sides in appreciating culture, development, and way of life in either country.


This program is funded and run by the Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII) under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Aside from that, this program is also endorsed by the Cultural Office from the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. The arrangement of the program while in Australia is coordinated by The Communication Network (TCN), a consultant organization which focuses on bilateral cooperation. From the Indonesian Government’s side, this program is managed by the Ministry of Youth and Sport.


Both countries will host the program on the same year in subsequent order. Australia will host it in its states and territories, while Indonesia in its provinces. The participants from Indonesia will be located in the specified cities, usually a large city and smaller one, to conduct such activities as: home stay with foster families, internship at an institution, and also social-cultural interaction with local communities. This phase is also known as the Australia phase.


During the process of the program in Indonesia, the participants from Australia will join in and pair up with participants from Indonesia. The activities whilst in Indonesia also possess similar structure as that in Australia phase.